Best Bone Conduction Headphones For Cycling in 2022 Reviews

For cyclists, it is extremely important to be aware of their surroundings. Having situational awareness is not only crucial for cyclists but for everyone using the road. So, if you often use a cycle as a means of commuting or are a professional cyclist and have to practice daily, you need some fun. The best bone conduction headphones for cycling will let you enjoy your ride.

Headphones and earbuds are not safe to be used on the road, as they block your hearing. Thus, this increases the risk of meeting an accident. So what will be the best solution? The Best Bone Conduction Headphones For Cycling in 2022. These earphones will let you enjoy music without ignoring the traffic.

Before You Buy: Check These Cycling Headphone Features:

Noise Levels And Safety:

Concern for safety should always come first while using riding headphones. This entails being able to listen to headphones while still being allowed to hear the surroundings for the majority of riders.

In this regard, bone conduction headphones have a particular advantage. Here, the headphones sit on the listener’s cheekbone, and vibrations go to the Cochlea, where they are converted into sound.

Because bone conduction substitutes the eardrum in this scenario, the idea has its origins in the hearing aid business.

As a result, they are excellent for bikers because the ears are not truly insulated from outside sounds.

Audiophiles, understandably, dislike the technology, yet it is ideal for this use.

Beyond bone conduction headphones, more conventional wireless headphones may reduce external noise by a significant amount using passive & active noise cancellation technologies.

Removing one earphone is typically a smart compromise, even if some offer cool features that let riders hear all of the noises around them.

Life of the battery:

If you want the companionship of a decent audiobook on an amazing trip, power duration is one of the most critical features to look for in a set of headphones.

Most truly wireless headphones have rapid charging options, which are useful for topping off your battery when you pause for a coffee.

Like some wireless headphones, the cover also functions as a charging pack, which is useful when you’re in the middle of nowhere and need some more energy.

Wireless headphones generally have a battery life of roughly eight hours.

Resistance to water and sweat:

For a similar reason that should always keep a rain cover in your jumper pocket, your riding earphones must be weather resistant.

They must also be resistant to the corrosive effects of perspiration.

Headphones, like most gadgets, typically have an IP (Ingress Protection) certification that indicates the amount of protection from external pollutants such as dust and water.

When dealing with simply water and not solids, the IP or IPX scale runs from one to nine. At the low end of the scale, this entails defense against dripping water and perspiration. At the highest end, you have protection from hot water spray from high-pressure nozzles.

IPX7 is a popular grade for wireless headphones. This indicates that the headphones are secured from submersion in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 3 feet.

This should reassure you that the headphones are pretty capable of withstanding a little rain and perspiration.

Some headphones offer a lower rating, but most are designed to resist a light rain shower.

Audio Quality:

You usually get what you invest for when it comes to sound quality.

Getting acceptable sound quality from earbuds the size of a quarter is a tall order for audio technology.

There may never be a fully wireless headset that can equal the clear bass sounds of over-ear headphones, but some do get pretty close with well-balanced sound.

Many cyclists use podcasts & audiobooks to help them get through the kilometers where sound quality is less critical.

While driving with headphones, wind noise may also be a problem, and some headphones are greater than others at blocking it out. Wind noise is often reduced as the profile becomes lower and more polished.

Stability and comfort:

It is pointless to have the finest features, music quality, or charge capacity if the headphones are uncomfortable to use while riding.

Additionally, you require headphones that can stay in the ears during the cycle. The best secure headphones are ones with over-ear clip designs, but after you’ve found the ideal in-ear wireless earphones for your ear shape, even most of those earbuds usually stay in place.

Top 10 Best Bone Conduction Headphones for Cycling 2022

1. Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones with Microphone Bluetooth 5.0:

Tayogo is providing you with their best bone conduction headphones for cycling. This headset offers you some exciting features, as they are designed to be used for sports. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy music without letting anyone know.

  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Sound Quality: Premier
  • Headphones Jack: No

Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones Features:

Best Sound Quality:

A high fidelity sound is provided in this Tayogo headset. These earphones offer a dynamic range of music. So, you can suit yourself and listen to the genre you want. The deep bass further improves the music time. In addition to this, while you are cycling, you can give your better performance and ride energetically. Rock music makes you feel energized. Therefore, if you need to reach somewhere very quickly, change the music track.

Built-In Microphone:

While you are riding your bicycle, it is highly inconvenient and also dangerous to use your mobile phone. The use of the mobile phone is not even allowed while driving and cycling are way too risky. Therefore, Tayogo has equipped their headset with a built-in microphone that lets you attend calls while riding. You will only have to press a button and, thus, can answer the call.

Rechargeable Battery:

You will have a rechargeable battery in this headset. You can recharge the battery at night and use it the other day. If you are a college student, you can use them while on your way. The hassle of handling the phone will be gone for good. You will only have to connect your mobile phone to the earphones and put it in your bag or pocket. And that’s it. Now start riding your bicycle while listening to your favorite songs.

Bone Conduction Technology:

As these Tayogo are the best bone conduction headphones, they have been equipped with the relevant technology. The bone conduction technology works by sending sound vibrations to your inner ear through the cheekbones. Therefore, they won’t block your hearing and you can hear the surrounding sounds easily.

  • Allows hands-free calls
  • Long-lasting battery time
  • Provides a snug fit
  • Does not limit external sounds
  • Bluetooth V 5.0
  • Not waterproof

2. AfterShokz Aeropex Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones With Sport Belt:

AfterShokz has the best bone conduction headphones for sports and general use. Therefore, this AfterShokz aeropex is also no exception. As the headset is designed for sports use and cycling, you will also get the sport belt as a gift.

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Sound Quality: Good
  • Headphones Jack: No

AfterShokz Aeropex Bone Conduction Headphones Features:

A Complete Sport Pack:

You will be getting a complete sports pack in the form of these AfterShokz headphones. You will get a sport belt in the package. Therefore, it will be highly convenient for you to handle your belongings while riding the bicycle. If you are only practicing cycling, you can keep your phone and other things in the bag. Thus, the risk of mobile falling from the pocket will be reduced.

Open Ear Design:

As you practice cycling, the need to know what is coming from behind is very important. In addition to this, you cannot enjoy cycling alone, as there won’t be any friends talking to you during that. You will be all by yourself. Therefore, it is convenient if you can use some earphones that let you hear the surrounding sounds and you can also listen to the music. And this open ear design offers you both.

Sweat-Proof Rating IP67:

The most notable feature that will grab your attention is its water-resistant rating. Although the headset is not thoroughly water-resistant but it can bear some splashes or a drizzle. Therefore, you can easily use these earphones while riding bicycles or practicing other sports. No matter how much you sweat, the headphones won’t get damaged.

Extremely Lightweight:

You feel every little thing placed on your head. Therefore, using conventional headphones is a bit of a hassle during cycling. In addition to this, they might easily fall when you go at fast speed. That is why the best thing to use is these bone conduction headphones that are relatively lightweight. They weigh only 26 grams, which won’t even cause any uncomfortable feelings.

  • It has a nice look.
  • Sound innovation has been extraordinarily upgraded.
  • It uses cutting-edge bone conduction technology.
  • It charges quickly and easily.
  • It has some sound leaking.
  • It occasionally shuts off unexpectedly.

3. AfterShokz Air Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones, AS650SG:

Here we have another interesting AfterShokz bone conduction headphones for cyclists. These headphones provide you with the comfort of riding the cycle while listening to your favorite songs. The highlight of these earphones is it 20 percent lightweight that makes them our favorite.

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Sound Quality: Great
  • Headphones Jack: No

AfterShokz Air Bone Conduction Headphones Features:

Premium Audio Quality:

If you want to enjoy listening to music, you should always pay attention to earphones’ sound quality. Therefore, manufacturers work hard on providing the best possible sound in their headphones. Likewise, AfterShokz has also offered the best possible audio system in these air earphones. That is why you can enjoy a dynamic music experience while being on the road.

6 Hours Of Battery Time:

It is not convenient to use wired headphones while riding a bike or bicycle. Therefore, most of the cyclists prefer wireless headphones. And here comes the best bone conduction headphones that you can use for a longer time. So, you can practice cycling all you want and will still be left with a long-lasting battery time. Thus, you can listen to anything while coming back home.

Wide Compatibility:

The device compatibility of these AfterShokz Air is also quite broad. You can actually listen to the music while playing or cycling and use the same earphones for watching movies. Therefore, through the wide compatibility of the earphones, you will be able to enjoy your best watch time. Thus, connect the earphones with your Laptop, T.V or any Android or iOS device to listen to whatever you want.

Wraparound Design:

The headband of this headset offers you a wraparound design, which you can use very conveniently. The thin wraparound design of the headset will make you able to adjust according to your head size. In addition to this, you can also comfortably wear them while being on the racing track. The thin headband will not cause any convenience and is also fall resistant.

  • 20 percent lighter in weight
  • Offers open ear design
  • 6 hours of battery time
  • Premium audio quality
  • Offers wide compatibility
  • Bluetooth older version V 4.2

4. Sena R1 (Ideal for Team Communication)

The Sena R1 is a sturdy helmet with integrated headphones that has received several safety certifications. The functions supplied by the helmet may be easily customized using the Sena smartphone app. Use the mesh intercom to stay in touch with your group while listening to your preferred radio stations on the built-in FM radio..

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Sound Quality: Good
  • Headphones Jack: No

The intercom feature lets you communicate with three other riders who are up to a half mile apart. Advanced noise reduction technology keeps your voice transmissions clean and free of interference.

The built-in sound system lets you securely listen to music and podcasts from your phone through Bluetooth. For those who enjoy listening to the radio, this Sena app on the smartphone may be used to tune in to the local FM stations. You may even save them for later use.

With hands-free speech control, you have complete control over your helmet. You can use spoken instructions to operate the helmet’s functions without ever taking your hands off the bar.


Partnering does not appear to be a straightforward task, especially for those pairing in groups, as the intercom function implies. The pairing procedure is not user-friendly and might be irritating after a number of failed tries. However, once the connections are established, the intercom capability works well.

  • Battery life is extended.
  • You cannot use the intercom while listening to music.

7. Jabra Elite Active 75t

With active sound cancellation, 4 microphones, and up to 24 hours of battery power with the wallet-friendly power adapter, this Jabra Elite Active 75t are undeniably a powerhouse. These adaptable earphones are lightweight and have a covering that provides a secure grip throughout any activity.

  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Sound Quality:  Great
  • Headphones Jack: No

These earphones are extremely adaptable due to their truly wireless construction. Their particular grip coating prevents them from becoming dislodged from the ear when cycling. Additionally, they have IP57 certification, ideal for daily usage.

These true wireless earbuds have active noise cancellation, that you can use when you want to isolate yourself from the outside world. While it is strongly advised against using the ANC while cycling, Hear Through mode is an alternative. This allows you to actively hear your environment as well as your music.

These earphones provide up to 5.5 hrs of continuous playback on their own. To ensure that the headphones are prepared for your subsequent cycle, you may charge them while on the road using the charging case that is supplied.

The issues with the left earphone are the most concerning. Disconnections, static, and loudness imbalances appear to affect primarily the left earbud. These occasional issues are frequently resolved temporarily by doing a factory reset.

If difficulties continue, you may take advantage of the 1-year standard guarantee or the extended 2-year insurance if you register using the Jabra Sound application.

  • It has a nice look.
  • Sound innovation has been extraordinarily upgraded.
  • It uses cutting-edge bone conduction technology.
  • It charges quickly and easily.
  • It has some sound leaking.
  • It occasionally shuts off unexpectedly.

8. Jaybird Vista (Most Comfortable)

Who has used earphones on a long trip knows how unpleasant they can be after a time.

The Jaybird Vista’s innovative silicone shape is extremely pleasant in the ear, making them ideal for cyclists on extended rides.

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Sound Quality: Batter
  • Headphones Jack: No

Instead of resting in the ear canal, the earbuds are placed on the exterior portion of the ear.

The Jaybird Vista’s excellent passive noise reduction is not ideal for riders. Less surrounding information is transmitted, which results in a decreased sense of the situation.

Because the earbuds operate independently of one another, one may be withdrawn to allow more road noise. The Jaybird Vistas provides the assurance of an IP7 certification. They can withstand any unexpected precipitation on your bike.

The companion software lets users create a custom EQ for audiophiles. It is a very user-friendly technology that actively checks your hearing with various frequencies in order to adjust the sound.

  • The case is small
  • The charging case has a standard USB-C connection.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Battery life is six hours.
  • A good fit.
  • The audio is pretty nice.
  • Waterproof to the core.
  • The entire volume is low.
  • While watching videos, there is lag.
  • At best, call quality is acceptable.
  • There is no auto-pause or “hear-through” functionality.

8. Powerbeats Pro (Best Battery Life)

The PowerBeats Pro is designed to sit flat in the ear and stay in place during strenuous out-of-the-saddle activities. To add stability, the ear clips are reshapable and adjustable.

  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Sound Quality:  Good 
  • Headphones Jack: No

There is no IPX classification for the Powerbeats Pro, despite the fact that they are sweat and water-resistant. These can be appealing to casual bikers.

The carry-case gives you an additional 15 hours of battery life, giving you a class-leading nine hours.

There is no option for riders to activate the internal microphone while listening to music in order to hear nearby ambient sounds. To get around this, leave only one headphone plugged in and allow some ambient noise in.

The ability to halt the audio by removing the headphones is a pretty cool feature, especially for bikers. This avoids the need to mess about with controls.

  • A class-leading 9-hour battery life.
  • Excellent ear stability.
  • When you remove headphones, they instantly stop playing.
  • Earhooks that are adjustable and secure fit stay in place.
  • Water and sweat-resistant.
  • Costs more than AirPods.
  • Not fits every ear
  • Charges using Lightning rather than USB-C.

9. AKASO Bone Conduction Headphones Open Ear with Microphone Bluetooth 5.0:

With the amazing wireless transmission range and stable performance, these AKASO are the best bone conduction headphones for cycling. You can keep your mobile phone in your zipper pocket and enjoy wireless music time.

  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Sound Quality: Excellent
  • Headphones Jack: No

AKASO Bone Conduction Headphones Features:

Bone Conduction Technology:

Conventional headphones are not suitable for prolonged-lasting use. Therefore, athletes look for earphones that comfortable to wear and are lightweight. Furthermore, the earphones should be safe for a longer time. Thus, the bone conduction technology becomes useful at such points. You can wear them for a longer time than traditional headphones.

Ergonomic Design:

As you are supposed to wear these headphones for a longer time, the design should be ergonomic. In this way, it will be convenient for you. Furthermore, the weight of this headset is only 33 grams. In addition to this, the headband has a wraparound design. So, even if you are going to ride faster, the earphone won’t fall easily.


The water-resistant rating of these earphones is IP55. Therefore, you will never have to worry about the earpieces getting damaged from your sweat. The earpieces will bear the water splashes and also your sweat while you are doing a heavy work out. So, do whatever you want to do. You will not have to be cautious of the headphones.

Multifunctional Button:

These AKASO bone conduction headphones also provide you with easy multifunctional control over the headphones. You will only have to use the simple buttons on the headset to turn on the earphones. In addition to this, if you want to attend a call, you won’t have to take out your cellphone. Instead of that, you can simply press the button to attend it. Furthermore, you can also change the music track and adjust the volume through the control buttons.

  • Offers noise cancellation feature
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Reduce hearing impairment
  • Highly ergonomic design
  • 6 hours battery run time
  • Not suitable for swimming

10. Vidonn F1 Titanium Open Ear Wireless Sports Headset Stereo Sweatproof with Mic:

The amazing vidonn F1 offers you these fantastic best bone conduction headphones for cycling. You will get a fast and stable wireless connectivity of these headphones with your multiple devices.

  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Sound Quality: Batter
  • Headphones Jack: No

Vidonn F1 Titanium Open Ear Wireless Sports Headset Features:

Stable Wearing:

Cycling indeed involves a lot of movements. Therefore, having stability in the headphones becomes crucial. That is why, if you have been tired of picking up your headphones repeatedly and misplacing your earbuds, you have only this solution. The thin headband will remain in its place. Furthermore, it won’t even cause any inconvenience and is not even heavy.

Latest Bluetooth Tech:

The Bluetooth version used in this Vidonn F1 is the latest one in the market. The plus point in having the newest connection technology is that you get to enjoy a lot of amazing things. For instance, the mobile phone connection and these earphones will be stable and very fast. In addition to all this, the range of wireless connectivity will be more than the previous ones.

Highly Portable Headset:

These Vidonn F1 earphones provide you with high portability. Therefore, you can take them anywhere you want to. The battery timing offers you 6 hours of run time. Thus, you can enjoy a whole day outside your home. You will only have to charge the headset once a day, only if your use is too much.

Highly Durable:

These Vidonn F1 are having the Titanium built that provides flexibility, strength and durability to them. The most amazing thing that Titanium material does is adding flexibility to the headband. So after you are done using them, the headband will come back to its natural shape. Thus, you won’t have to worry about them even if one of your friends asks you to let him wear it.


1. Do Airpods Stay In While Cycling?

Everyone has a different ear fitting. If an Airpods get fit in your ears, it does not mean that it will fit your siblings. Therefore, you will have to look out for the one that gives you the right fitting. If the pods stay while walking and running, they are likely to remain while cycling too.

2. Which Are The Best Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones?

The best AfterShokz bone conduction headphones are the “AfterShokz Air”. They provide you with the best fitting and amazing wireless connection, which is stable too. Therefore, you can use them for cycling.

Can I Listen To Music While Cycling?

Listening to music is not illegal and especially when you are cycling or driving. Although it is not unlawful, it is not safe to block your ears with AirPods or earbuds. You should be aware of the traffic to prevent any possible accident occurrence. Therefore, the best choice for cyclists is the bone conduction headphones.

Are Bone Conduction Headphones Noise Canceling?

Not all of them, but yes, a few of the excellent bone conduction headphones offer noise cancellation. The noise cancellation feature might not be much effective during music time, but it will make your calls best.

You Have Reached The End Now,

There is a plenty of earphones, earbuds, AirPods and headphones available in the market. The only problem is that riders cannot use them if they want to be safe. The reason behind that is the blockage of the air canal. As you put on the earbuds, the music directly travels through your ear canal. Thus, you are unable to listen to the horns. This increases the risk of accidents. Therefore, it is wise to use the best bone conduction headphones for cycling in 2022. They are relatively safe and convenient to use on roads.

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