Top 5 Best Cheap Over Ear Headphones in 2021 Reviews

If you have a budget range of over $50, you can get a nice pair of headphones. This is because this budget range gives you plenty of room. But if you have a lower budget, you must search keenly for the right headphones. But that would take a lot of your time and therefore, we are providing you with the list of Best Cheap Over Ear Headphones in 2021. You can select the right headphones for you, from this list of top 5.

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Top 5 Best Cheap Over Ear Headphones in 2021 Reviews:

No. Photo Title Ratings Buy
1 Over Ear Bluetooth...image WXY Wireless Headset V5.0 with Built-in Mic
2 Panasonic Full-Sized, Lightweight...image Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161-K Full-Sized
3 MAYERS AUSDOM Lightweight...image Ausdom Lightweight Over-Ear Wired HiFi Stereo Headphones
4 Koss UR20 Over-Ear...image Koss UR20 Flexible Over-Ear Headphones
5 Anivia AH28 Gaming...image Anivia AH28 Gaming Headset

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. WXY Wireless Headset V 5.0 Over Ear Headphones:

WXY provides you with some attractive designs and color combinations for younger people. These over ear headphones will give you the perfect sound quality to enjoy your personal time. Now, let’s have a view of the amazing features of these headphones.

WXY Wireless Headset V 5.0 Over Ear Headphones Features:

  • These WXY headphones provide you with wide compatibility so that you can connect any of your devices with them.
  • The 500 mAh rechargeable battery of these over ear headphones provides you with 18 hours of non- stop use.
  • The ear cups have a soft cushioned padding for a comfortable wearing even if you use them for a long time.
  • These headphones also have an inbuilt microphone for attending the phone calls without stopping from what you are doing.

WXY Wireless Headset V 5.0 Over Ear Headphones Review:

Multifunctional Use:

These headphones not only provide you with wired and wireless connectivity but also card use. If you don’t want to keep your headphones connected to the mobile phone, you can insert the TF/ SD card. Thus, you will simply have to load your SD card with your favorite songs and turn on the headphones. There will be nothing more to do.

Long Lasting Battery Life:

The rechargeable battery provided in these headphones is 500 mAh. Therefore, you will have to charge it once every two to three days, only if your use is too much. But if you use the headphones only for 2 to 3 hours a day, a single charge will be enough. You can use the headphones for a whole week without the tension of battery dying.

Comfortable Fit:

The adjustable headband of these headphones will provide you with the perfect fit. You can adjust it according to your head size. Furthermore, it will provide you with a comfortable fit through the cushioned ear pads. This cushioning will not only make the fit comfortable but also will reduce sound leakage.

The Good
  • Adjustable headband
  • Comfortable design
  • Wired and wireless use
  • Wide compatibility
  • Foldable design
The Bad
  • No active noise cancellation

2. Panasonic RP- HT161-K Full sized Over the Ear Headphones:

These are one of the cheapest available over ear headphones from Panasonic that are extremely lightweight. You can enjoy listening to your favorite songs all day with its lightweight design. Some of the other interesting features of these headphones have been reviewed in the following section.

Panasonic RP- HT161-K Full sized Over the Ear Headphones Features:

  • Earpads of these headphones are plushly padded that provide you with pillow type soft touch and comfortable fit.
  • The design of these headphones is attractive with a sleek matte black finishing.
  • Panasonic headphones provide you with wired design so that you get a stable connection without any interruption.
  • You will get a powerful bass and clear vocals in these Panasonic headphones for better listening time.

Panasonic RP- HT161-K Full sized Over the Ear Headphones Review:

Wired Headphones:

The most important factor that makes the wired headphones better than the wireless ones is the stable voice connection. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about charging the headphones, simply put them around your neck and use them whenever you want. You will have the best quality sound with a lower price tag.

Comfortable Fit:

The most prominent advantage of having the over ear headphones is the comfort that they provide. The earpads provided around the ear cups have a padded cushioning. This makes the earpads comfortable to wear and also makes them fit perfectly. The soft cushioning does not let the tight build hurt your ears even after hours of use.

Best Sound Quality:

The sound quality that you get in these headphones is of the best quality. Bass is deep for bass lovers. Furthermore, the voice quality is good and provides you with crustal clear sound. The 30 mm neodymium drivers also makes the sound quality perfect. You can hear your favorite songs with its deep bass or listen to podcasts in clear voice.

The Good
  • Wired design
  • 30 mm neodymium drivers
  • Cushioned padding for comfort
  • Matte black finishing
  • Clear vocals and deep bass
The Bad
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

3. AUSDOM Over Ear Headphones, Stereo Lightweight Adjustable Wired Headset with Mic:

This is one good headset for teenagers and even for you if you love funky colors. The voice isolating feature makes these headphones even better to use while you are using the subway or public transport. Now let’s have a view of the review of the features of these headphones.

AUSDOM Over Ear Headphones Features:

  • The design of these headphones is attractive and elegant enough to use while being in public.
  • The weight is also around a pound and therefore, you can always carry them around your neck comfortably and conveniently.
  • The 3.5 mm cable pin makes it compatible with all the devices having this jack size like android and Apple.
  • The soft padding of the ear cups makes it comfortable to wear around your ears without letting them hurt you.

AUSDOM Over Ear Headphones Review:

Wide Compatibility:

These headphones have a wired design, therefore, they have wide compatibility. The pin size of the headphones is 3.5 mm and that’s why you can use them with every device with 3.5 mm jack size. Whether, it’s your android phone or Apple phone, laptop or MacBook or your mini mp3 player. You can use the headphones however you want.

Smooth Communication:

For providing you with smooth communication over headphones, you will get an inbuilt microphone. The microphone is built in the cable of the headphones and near the mouth so that you can talk comfortably. Now, whenever you are using the headphones and get a call, the music would stop so you can take a call.

Ergonomic Yet Attractive Design:

The design of these headphones is ergonomic and therefore, you will get the cushioned padded ear cups. You can easily wear them for hours without getting hurt around the ears. Furthermore, the headphones are available in three different colors blue, green and black. So you can get the color that you like.

The Good
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Attractive design
  • Funky colors
  • Wired operation
  • Wide compatibility
The Bad
  • High frequency of sound reproduction

4. Koss UR20 Over Ear Headphones Flexible Sling Headband:

Here we have another amazing wired headphones with a cool and attractive design. Although the design is not gendered specific but it suits the personality of bold people. Other than the design, the other features of these headphones are also quite interesting so have a look at these.

Koss UR20 Over Ear Headphones Features:

  • With the neodymium magnet and 16 micro mylar, you will get a crystal clear sound and also deep bass.
  • The stereo plugs provided in these headphones are ¼ inch and 1/8 inches in size for portable and home use.
  • Flexible headband with a breathable and tough design makes the headphones highly durable and convenient in use.
  • The connecting cable provided in these headphones is 8 feet long that makes them highly portable and comfortable in use.

Koss UR20 Over Ear Headphones Review:

Flexible Headband:

The headband of these over ear headphones is having a highly flexible and tough construct. This makes the headband resistant to falls and snatching. Not only will this but the flexibility of the headband makes it easy to fit your head size. Moreover, it also makes the headphones durable so that you won’t have to buy them again and again.

Flexible To Use:

You will get an 8 feet long cable for connecting the headphones to other devices. Furthermore, the cable pin that you will get in these over ear headphones is 3.5 mm. Therefore, this makes them highly compatible with all the laptops, PCs, CD players, mobile phones having a 3.5 mm jack size. So that you can use the headphones comfortably with any device you want.

Studio Quality Sound:

The drivers that you will get in these headphones are having the rare earth magnet neodymium. This will provide you with the stereophone having high fidelity. Moreover, for improving the sound clarity and enhancing and deepening the bass, you will get the element 16 micron mylar. Thus, the final sound that you will receive through these headphones will be of perfect studio type quality.

The Good
  • Flexible headband
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Highly portable
  • 8 feet long cable
  • Deep bass
The Bad
  • No voice cancellation fetaure

5. Anivia AH28 Gaming Headset Noise Isolating Over Ear Headphones with Mic:

These headphones have a tough design with black and purple finishing to make them look cool. Anivia has provided these gaming headphones in an extremely low budget rate so anyone can get them. Furthermore, these headphones have also provided an inbuilt microphone to enjoy a live chat while playing games.

Anivia AH28 Gaming Headset Features:

  • The design of these headphones is quite attractive with the black and purple color combination.
  • You will have the option of volume control through the control button provided in the cable of these headphones.
  • The adjustable mic provided in these over ear Anivia headphones will ensure you smooth calls and live chat while gaming.
  • You will be getting an extremely comfortable headband and ear cups with a lightweight design.

Anivia AH28 Gaming Headset Review:

Highly Convenient Use:

You won’t need a driver to use the headphones. Simply plug in the cable of the headphones and use them whenever and however you want. Furthermore, you will get the option of wide compatibility with its 3.5 mm plug size. Therefore, you can always use the headphones with any device having this jack size.

Amazing Sound Effects:

These headphones are available in an affordable price tag but despite that, you will have a 50 mm aperture size. Thus, you will get to hear the amazing sound effects, which will make your gaming time more fun and amazing. The deep bass will allow you to enjoy the music of any type you want and with clear vocals, you can enjoy the songs.

Highly Sensitive Mic:

The microphone provided in these headphones is highly sensitive and provide you with clear sound effects. Furthermore, the noise cancellation that you get in these headphones is high end. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy clear call and live chatting while playing games.

The Good
  • Ergonomic design
  • High compatibility
  • Extremely comfortable
  • In built microphone
  • Extraordinary sound effect
The Bad
  • Are not waterproof

Best Cheap Over Ear Headphones – FAQs

Does The Sound Of Ear Buds Is Better Than Headphones?

There isn’t much a difference in the sound quality or clarity between the earbuds and headphones. But the sound level difference between them is 9 decibels because earbuds fit directly into your ears. On the other hand, considering the comfort level, people find both of them comfortable according to their taste.

Are Expensive Over Ear Headphones Worth It?

The expensive over ear headphones are because of some additional features. Some expensive headphones provide you with an active noise cancellation feature and some are also resistant to water. But these features are not worth the price you pay for them. If you have a limited budget, you should buy headphones under $30.

Is Noise Cancellation Feature Really Required In The Headphones?

No, the noise cancellation feature is really not wanted by everyone. Only if you get the feature as an exception in the headphones, it’s fine. But if you go specifically for a noise cancellation feature, it will cost you money. Not everyone needs this feature, so go for it only if that’s what you want.


Getting the best cheap over ear headphones in 2021 seems like a tough task because of the limitations. Headphones with high costs come with quality features and technical advancements but not the cheap ones. But you don’t have to get yourself an expensive headphone if you are tight on budget. And if you only have to listen to the songs, get yourself a headset within $20 to $30 range.

All these best budget friendly over ear headphones will provide you with good sound quality and clarity. You can enjoy the music while commuting or while you do your house chores. Or you can enjoy a live chat with your friends while playing games. Or you can listen to lectures to learn more about the subject.

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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