Best Value Bone Conduction Headphones in 2021 Reviews

You must get the best quality product when you are paying a handsome amount of your money. Therefore, when buying things online, you should focus on getting the best value products. As for the bone conduction headphones, you don’t have to do the efforts. We have the list ready for the Best Value Bone Conduction Headphones. So check it out!!!

Top 5 Best Value Bone Conduction Headphones in 2021 Reviews:

Num Photo Title Ratings Buy
1 AFTERSHOKZ Air Open...image AfterShokz Air Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones
2 ALOVA Bluetooth Headphones...image ALOVA Bluetooth Headphones with Mic
3 Open Ear Headphones,...image MONODEAL Bone Conduction Headphones
4 Aftershokz Titanium Mini...image Aftershokz Titanium Mini Wireless Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones
5 YouthWhisper Bone Conduction...image EKEN Bone Conduction Headphones-Bluetooth 5.0 with Mic

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1. AfterShokz Air Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones:

The best value bone conduction headphones are, no doubt, the AfterShokz. You get some of the fantastic functions and features in them. In addition to this, you need to be willing to pay a sum of money to get them. Aftershokz provides the best quality in bone conduction headphones, but they are a bit expensive. Therefore, they are the best bone conduction headphones for the money.

AfterShokz Air Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Features:

Organic Wraparound Design:

For making the headphone time comfortable and convenient, Aftershokz is offering the organic wraparound headband in the headset. The wraparound design makes it 20 percent lighter than the competitors. Moreover, it provides stability to the headset. The headband will not leave its place even if you are running or cycling. This stability makes them the best bone conduction headphones for cycling.

Wide Compatibility:

Android and iOS users get different headphones in the market. But these aftershokz bone conduction headphones are not having any sort of limitation. Therefore, whether you have an Android phone or an Apple device, you can get them connected to these headphones. Moreover, you can also use them with your laptops and PC and also tablets.

6 Hours Of Battery Time:

These aftershokz are the best bone conduction headphones for music. You get to listen to your favorite soundtracks wirelessly. The headset has been designed with a rechargeable battery that lasts for 6 hours straight. But if you use them with pauses like an hour or 2 hours of continuous use and then turn them off, the battery will last longer. Thus, you get a whole day of use through them.

Premium Audio Quality:

As these are the best bone conduction headphones for music, the audio quality is too good. Therefore, you get a premium audio experience. Moreover, the premium pitch plus quality of sound that these headphones offer makes you enjoy the wide dynamic range. Furthermore, the sound system also provides a rich and deep bass to make you enjoy that.

The Good
  • Wraparound headband design
  • 6 hours of battery time
  • Provides a flexible fit
  • Offer a wide compatibility
  • Completely wireless use
The Bad
  • Not having the latest Bluetooth technology.

2. ALOVA Bluetooth Headphones, Best Bone Conduction Headphones For Music:

These ALOVA earphones have made it to the best value bone conduction headphones because of their exciting features. You can enjoy listening to all of your favorite songs, wirelessly. The hassle of handling the mess of cables will be gone for good. You won’t have to think before running because the headset will give you a stable fit.

ALOVA Bluetooth Headphones Features:

Stable Fitness:

The most common problem faced by the use of conventional headphones is that they get displaced while running. Therefore, some people can’t use the traditional headphones for running and exercising. Contrarily, the bone conduction headphones do not cause any such problem. They firmly remain at their place and give you a fun exercise time.

Completely Wireless Use:

ALOVA best value bone conduction headphones are offering you a completely wireless music time. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with the entangled cables and cables wearing out. The rechargeable battery provided in this headset is offering you a 5 hours of wireless time. Therefore, you can use it outside of your home without worrying about the battery running out before reaching home.

Ultra-Lightweight Built:

The most exceptional feature that you will get in this headset is the ultra-lightweight. These earphones weigh only 16 grams, which is remarkably lower than the others. Moreover, the headset is having a headband, which makes it more comfortable to use. Thus, you won’t feel burdened after wearing them. Furthermore, you can wear them for a longer time without getting hurt.

6D Sound Quality:

These ALOVA are the best bone conduction headphones for music because they offer a panoramic sound quality. The headset is having bone conduction technology; therefore, the sound will travel through your cheekbones. As the sound won’t get directly in your ears, you will feel a 6D sound experience. All of these combines to give the hearer a high quality of music experience.

The Good
  • Ecological diaphragm and directional audio
  • Easy to control features
  • Provides situational awareness
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Open ear design
The Bad
  • 5 hours battery at full volume

3. Monodeal Open Ear Headphones With Microphone:

Here we have another amazing best bone conduction headphones for music from Monodeal. These headphones offer amazing compatibility with several devices. Moreover, you also get to enjoy a hassle-free wireless listening time. So, listen to anything you want to without getting disconnected from the outside world.

Monodeal Open Ear Headphones Features:

Safe Drive:

These headphones are having the amazing bone conduction technology with an open ear design. Therefore, you will be able to have a safe drive on a busy road despite being using the headset. The ear pieces will rest on your temple area and not go in your ears. Therefore, they will let you hear the surrounding sounds. If you are in your room and want to ignore the outside noises, use the ear plugs.

Wide Use:

The use of these headphones is not limited. You can wear them while doing exercising when you are going to your gym. Moreover, you can also use these earphones for listening to podcasts and not just songs. So if you are habitual of book listening, you can also do so. Moreover, you can also connect the earphones with your TV to watch movies.

Bluetooth V 5.0:

The latest version of Bluetooth has been used in these headphones. Thus, you can use them whenever you want and wherever you want, you will have a wireless connectivity. In addition to the provision of wireless use, the latest version will also make the connection stable and quick. Moreover, you also get a wide range through it and can also connect multiple devices at a time.

Easy To Use:

Using and operating these earphones is not at all problematic. As it is the latest technology, you might think that handling the functions won’t be easy. But that’s not the case here. These best bone conduction headphones for music have been equipped with the control buttons. You will have to press the buttons to change the music track, increase or decrease the sound volume.

The Good
  • Sweat-proof built
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Latest Bluetooth technology
  • Diverse use
  • Wide compatibility
The Bad
  • Only 5 hours battery run time

4. AfterShokz Wireless Trekz Titanium Mini Bone Conduction Headphones:

Here we have another best bone conduction headphones for music. AfterShokz has the best value bone conduction headphones with an attractive design and cool colors. These earphones allow you to hear the crystal clear sound, whether it is of music or calls. So, have the best wireless sound experience.

AfterShokz Wireless Trekz Titanium Mini Bone Conduction Headphones Features:

In-Built Microphone:

You will get an in-built microphone in these aftershokz bone conduction headphones that will let you hear the calls. Moreover, the microphone is of the best quality. Therefore, you will be able to hear the crystal clear voice. This will give you a great room for freedom, as you won’t have to keep the phone in your hands.

Prevent Accidents:

Driving and cycling on a busy road with earphones on, increases the risk of getting into an accident. On the other hand, driving without music gets boring, especially if it’s a long distance that you need to cover. Therefore, the best option for being on road is to have the aftershokz bone conduction headphones. They will let you hear the surrounding sounds and music as well.

Comfortable Wearing Time:

Wearing these afterhsokz is the most comfortable thing to do. You can enjoy listening to your favorite songs or books or watch movies without any trouble or pain. Unlike the traditional headphones, these aftershokz have a wraparound headband design that get fit to the back of your head. Thus, even if you run while wearing them, they won’t fall. Moreover, they won’t hurt your head and around the ear area.

Easy To Handle:

Handling the headphones after use is the most inconvenient thing for most of us. Therefore, AfterShokz has dealt with it has provided the wraparound headband. It is neither thick like the traditional headphones nor it is heavier. That is why you can easily put them around your neck after you are done using them. You don’t have to keep them in the bag or carry a special case for them.

The Good
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comfortable wearing time
  • Wraparound headband design
  • Supports fast charging
  • Easy to control
The Bad
  • A bit expensive

5. EKEN Bone Conduction Headphones, The Best Bone Conduction Headphones For Music:

Here we have the professional looking bone conduction headphones for all the athletes. Of course, the use is not limited to athletes only; therefore, anyone can use them anywhere they want. Moreover, these earphones provide you with the stereo sound and that’s why they are the best bone conduction headphones for music.

EKEN Bone Conduction Headphones Features:

Comfortable Wearing:

Comfort is the most important and essential thing needed in every wearable thing. Likewise, it is vital for earphones and headsets also. Therefore, EKEN has paid a special focus on keeping the headset comfortable. In order to do so, the headband is having a wraparound design and the weight is also kept light. So even if you wear them for extended periods, you won’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Stable and Fast Connection:

The majority of the bone conduction headphones for music are wireless; therefore, Bluetooth connectivity is provided in all of them. But EKEN has used the latest Bluetooth version that is V 5.0. This latest Bluetooth version makes the earphones able to connect quickly. Moreover, the connection made through this latest Bluetooth version is also relatively stable.

6 Hours Battery Run Time:

As these bone conduction headphones are offering wireless connectivity, of course, they will have their rechargeable battery. Moreover, the battery run time offered by these EKEN earphones is 6 hours. Therefore, you will be getting almost all day use. You won’t be using more than that, right? Well, even if you do, it is not at all safe. So, be careful about that.

Titanium Built:

Flexibility and adjustability are quite essential things to have in the best value bone conduction headphones. Therefore, most of the good headsets have the titanium built. The reason behind using titanium is that it increases the flexibility of the headband. So even if you change its shape or bend it, it will regain its original shape back.

The Good
  • Comfortable for long time wear
  • Provides a stable connection
  • Titanium headband
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Wireless use
The Bad
  • Not completely waterproof

Best Value Bone Conduction Headphones – Things You Need To Check:

It is extremely important to pay attention to the features of the product before buying it. In terms of the best value bone conduction headphones, you need to get the best for the paid price. Therefore, before making your order, do check these features in the headset.


Durability of the headset will tell you about how long will the earphone last. Even if you are getting the mid-range or cheapest earphones, you need to pay attention to their durability. But how will you determine the strength of the earphones? Of course, by checking the material that it has been made of. Moreover, you will also have to check for the customer feedback.

Style And Design:

If you are picky about things, you need to pay attention to the style of the headphones. Some of the bone conduction headphones have a basic design that you might not like. Therefore, look for the design and structural shape of the headphones.

Sound Quality:

Of course, it is the most important thing to check in the headphones. Obviously, you are buying them to listen to music or books or anything you want. Therefore, it is extremely important that the headphones support a wide dynamic range of sounds. This will make you able to listen to the genre you like.

Battery Life:

Almost all of the best bone conduction headphones for music are wireless. Therefore, it is common sense that they will be having their rechargeable batteries. So what you have to do is to check for their battery timing. Usually, you get 6 hours of battery run time. It is a common thing to have even in the affordable headsets. Therefore, never opt for a lower one. Furthermore, you can also get more than 6 hours of battery run time, as in the case of Aftershokz that provides 8 hours of battery time.

You Have Made It To The End…

Finally, the end. The best value bone conduction headphones will make your alone time a fun time. It is not necessary that you will only listen to the songs, you can also listen to the books. Moreover, as you already know, bone conduction headphones for music do not block outside sounds. So if sometimes, you don’t want to listen to others, you can use the earplugs. Thus, you can enjoy your life the way you want.

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