How To Wear Over Ear Headphones Properly?

Sometimes the headphones do not fit properly because everyone has a different size adjustment. If you are reading this articles, it means that you could not get the accurate fit of the headphones. So if you are wondering how to wear over ear headphones or how to properly wear over ear headphones, we have the answer for you.

We are going to provide you a step by step guide on how to wear over the ear headphones.

How To Wear Over Ear Headphones Properly – Step By Step Guide:

  • Plugin the cable into your mobile phone or tablet. If it does not fit, it means that the headphones are not compatible with it.
  • If the headphones are wireless, connect your phone through Bluetooth connection.
  • Look for the left and right side of the headphones. “L” would be written on the left ear cup and “R” would be written on the right ear cup. Always wear the correct side otherwise they won’t fit perfectly.
  • Put the headphones over your head, adjust the headband so that the ear cups fit perfectly to your ears.
  • Make sure that the ear cups cover your ears perfectly and adjust them accurately to do so. This will create a seal and sound will not leak out.

This is the correct way of wearing the over the ear headphones.

How To Wear Over Ear Headphones With Glasses:

You must have read about properly wearing the over ear headphones. And if you are wearing glasses and want to wear the over ear headphones, follow this.

Put on your glasses first and then wear the over ear headphones. This will help you to adjust the ear cups accurately. So go on and enjoy listening to music while being at outdoor locations. Put on your sunglasses and headphones and go on.

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