What Is The Difference Between On Ear And Over Ear Headphones?

There are different types of ear phones available in the market. Even the headphones are of different types like on ear and over ear. You might be thinking that what is the difference between these headphones? There is a lot of difference between the over ear and on ear headphone that we will show you here.

What Is The Difference Between On Ear And Over Ear Headphone?

Size Of The Headphone:

The first and most prominent difference that you will observe is the design of these headphones. On ear headphone are a bit lighter and less to almost no padding at all. Especially the headband of the on ear headphone is non-existent. On the other hand, the over ear headphones are a bit thick and larger in size.

Ear Cup Size And Design:

Apart from the overall size of the headphones, the major difference is of the ear cups. The ear cups of on ear headphone are smaller in size. On the contrary, the over ear headphones have a larger ear cup size.


Because of the size difference between both headphones, the coverage area also differs. On ear headphone cover less area, as these headphones will only cover less area of your ears. On the other hand, the over ear headphone completely cover your ears.

Noise Isolation:

This is the biggest technical difference that exists between both of the headphones. On ear headphone have less noise isolation. While on the contrary, the over ear headphones have thick padding around the ear cups. This thick padding causes a noise isolation effect by reducing the background noises. Thus, you can listen to the sound clearly.


The portability of both headphones is different from each other. On ear headphone have a sleek and light design. Therefore, it is quite easy to carry them or put them in the bag after the use. On the other hand, the over ear headphone are a bit larger and have a thick design. Therefore, it is not easy to keep them in the bag. Although some of the over ear headphones have a foldable design. These foldable ones are somewhat portable.


The comfort level of both of these headphones varies with the person using it. Over ear headphone are considered more comfortable because of the thick padding. But some people do not feel comfortable with their ears being completely covered. Therefore, they find on ear headphone comfortable.

Sound Quality:

The sound produced by on ear headphone is sent directly to the ears and that is why it is a bit high. While the over ear headphones have a wide design of ear cups. This expanded design makes the sound dispersed and that is why a bit soft. There is not a specific criteria to term them better or not. It all depends upon the person using it.

So Which One Is Better, On Ear Or Over Ear?

For people who prefer the high and sharp sound and do not care about the comfortable side, on ear are better. But people who have to use the headphones for long hours and who prefer comfort will prefer over ear headphone. Portability also plays a role in determining the likeability of people. If you can keep the over ear ones around your neck or in your bag then you should definitely go for them. But if not, you should look for alternative options.

So to sum up the things, the choice of headphones depends upon the style and preferences of people. If you are confused about your choice, have a look at the differences between both of them. It will make it easy for you to make up your mind and make the decision.

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